IMG_1644I have always hated the “About” section. What am I supposed to write…oh hey…I am from here, I have accomplished this, I have failed at this…boring!! But we are in a world of need to know and hell, you could always use Google and figure out who I am…right? So here is my about…

I like to sing almost anywhere as long as no one can hear me. I get mad easily and react before thinking. I like things to be done my way and I can be a hypocrite at times. I love to watch TV and listen to music; my music, not crap that I can’t understand. I like to eat. I think that food is the most wonderful thing in the world next to love and caffeine. I can’t stand silence, but cannot handle people talking. I hate to be wrong, and will rarely admit it. I like things my way. I can be unsociable at times, yet I can be really friendly at others.

So now if I were to tell you the “About” of my blog…it is as the title says, the not-so-important thoughts of a housewife. Some may be funny, some may be boring, but they are me. Whether you love, hate, or question, it will not matter, because you do not make me. Peace!

***All materials are mine unless stated on the blog. If you would like to use my materials please give credit. I appreciate the courtesy very much and thank you.


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